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Making cuppa coffee and tea is never as easy as this!

Picking the right coffee machine for your home is one of the most important decision because you will be enjoying coffee or tea on a daily basis. There is like so much choice in the market that any buyer would feel confused on which they should choose. 

Fully automatic or semi automatic:which should you choose?

This would influence your end result ie the type of coffee that comes out from the machine that meet your long term satisfaction. 

Semi automatic or manual coffee machine gives you the control over the end result but it would take a bit of a practice before the cuppa can become like the one served at your local cafe.If you are a coffee connoisseur who prefer espresso or  fine coffee, you should really choose a manual coffee machine because it will give you a better satisfaction.

Automatic coffee machine assist you with its programmable brewing and saves you the time to supervise the brewing, but you are going to have less control over the end result.

Type of Coffee Machine to choose.

Drip Coffee Maker

Can be found in almost all homes because ease of use and inexpensive. Coffee can be brewed within short span of time and its start brewing with a touch of a button.

Benefits include:
  • Can brew anywhere from one to 12 cups of coffee at once, making them perfect for homes with multiple coffee drinkers.
  • Simple to use, just add a coffee filter along with your favorite ground coffee, and then fill the reservoir with water. Just turn the coffeemaker on, and you'll have a hot pot of your favorite drink in just a few minutes.
  • Many models are fully automatic and programmable. This allows you to set up the machine in advance, inputing exactly when you'd like to have a hot pot of coffee available.

  Espresso Coffee Machine

This is to make the Italian espresso where the bold and concentrated coffee reign supremo. Espresso can be brewed at home too provided with the right kind of machine and with a little bit of practice, it might just have the same taste and aroma as the one in the cafe.

Benefits include:
  • Modern espresso makers are designed to use almost any type of ground coffee to make espresso, including both dark and light roasts.
  • Typically, models can make any number of espresso shots.
  • Many units come with a dual spout, allowing you to make either two separate shots at the same time, or one double shot.
  • Include adjustable shot length, to ensure you get exactly the shot of espresso you want.
  • Many models feature programmable settings, much like other home drip version

French Presses

This is not invented by the French but it was actually a simple coffee brewing device patented by the Italian in 1929. A French press requires coffee of a coarser grind than does a drip brew coffee filter, as finer grounds will seep through the press filter and into the coffee.[3] Coffee is brewed by placing it and hot water together, stirring it and leaving to brew for a few minutes, then pressing the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker.

Benefits include:
  • Consist of a simple design, which includes a tall cylinder, usually made of glass, and then a plunger and a filter.
  • All you need to enjoy delicious coffee with your press pot is boiling water and coarsely grounded coffee.

Single Cup Maker

Single cup machines are a great way to brew a single cup of coffee without much fuss or mess. Using prepackaged coffee pods or cups, one cup units do exactly that - make a single cup of your delicious drink. A coffee pod or prepackaged cup include grounds and a miniature filter, all contained within a single package.

Benefits include:
  • Simply throw them out after using them, and that's it for clean up and maintenance.
  • Since they only make one cup of coffee at a time, they are perfect for small households where there are only one or two casual coffee drinkers.
  • Perfect for any office setting, as the wide variety of pod flavors and styles ensure that everyone in the office can make exactly the type they want.
  • They use a fast and efficient process.

Budget for the coffee machine.

Everyone have a certain amount of budget that they do not wish to exceed. Most people would look at the coffee machine that is within their budget and their spending limit. Having a coffee machine at home saves you money in the long term because coffee brewed at home cost a little as much as 10% of the price of the take out.

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