Monday, October 21, 2013

How to get ready a meal in 15 minutes!

I was watching Jamie Oliver 15 Minutes Meals over the TV and I was wondering how does he ever manage to get everything ready in such short time. 

Before we can start the actual process of cooking a meal, all vegetable have to be cut, shred and finely sliced. I can't imagine putting the whole head of broccoli into a soup or just throw a whole onion bulb into my cooking. Beside's the cutting up work, most homemaker would also wash their vegetable thoroughly when they came back from the market.

After many episodes of Jamie Oliver 15 Minutes Meal, I have discovered his secret to quick preparation of raw vegetable for cooking. Almost all of his recipe have heavy reliance to a single appliance, the food processor. 

A food processor comes with interchangeable blades and disk for the purpose of slicing/chopping vegetables, grating, grinding of certain item like nut, shredding of vegetables,  pureeing and sometime mixing and kneading dough. It does comes very handy especially for full time homemaker as the repetitive task of cutting, slicing, grating and shredding of vegetables using a food processor make cooking breathtakingly easy.

The food processor standard blade is the Sabatier blade or S shape made from metal and other shredding and slicing disc.The thickness of the slicing disc can be customized to many types of measurement such as 2 mm, 3 mm and 6 mm. There is also a special holder for the blade and the disc.

To operate the food processor, just pushed the food down the feed tube and it contact the disc at which point it is grated and sliced into the bowl. Even the feed tube width can be customized. 

How to choose a correct food processor for our use? The food processor comes in the measurement of 4 cups+, 7 cups, 9 cups, 12 cups, 14 cups and 20 cups sizes. Most household would need the basic food processor at the size of 4 cups+ or 3 cups for their need. 

On average a food processor cost less than $100 and its not an expensive gadget. All modern food processor is designed with features for the convenience of cleaning and washing after each use of the food processor.


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