Sunday, October 27, 2013

Horse Power and Watts is what makes the Blender tick!

What would anyone look for when they go shopping for a blender? 

To differentiate between 2 blender which perform the same function of mix, puree and emulsify food is to look at their horsepower or watts and Revolution Per Minute or rpm. 

Manufacturer typically indicate their blender motor speed in watts or horsepower. 

According to Meriam Webster,  the common unit of power; i.e., the rate at which work is done and one unit of power equal in the United States to 746 watts.The higher the horsepower, the more consistently the blender will be able to run after continuous use

The wattage number displayed by the manufacturer measures the power consumed by the blender motor. The power generated by the motor is what dictates performance ie the higher the watt the more power the blender have to handle heavy load of crushing and mixing.

The calculation of the watts and horsepower(HP) as based on this formulae;

WATTS = Amps x Volts (household voltage in the USA is 120) 
HP = WATTS x .00134  

For example a manufacturer claimed that a blender 3 horse power but 1560 watts and 13 Amps.

The calculation for the horsepower performance should be ;

13 x 120 = 1,560 WATTS 
1,560 x .00134 = 2.09 HP (horsepower)  

So that means the blender will actually deliver up to 69.6% of the horsepower claimed by the manufacturer.Blender with more higher the horsepower or watts can handle tough job like crushing lots of ice, nuts and meat without much strain to its motor.

Revolution per minute or rpm is the measure of the frequency of a rotation.The higher the rpm which also mean the faster the blade rotation, the more smoother a juice puree ie the speed combined with the blade of the blender is able to tear, crush and blend fresh fruits up to the finest level.
 Here's a comparison of some of the blenders in Amazon;

BlenderHorse PowerWattsRPMYears of WarrantyPrice($)Star Rating
Vitamix Professional Series 750 with 64 oz container, Brushed Stainless Finish 2.20 120037,0007619.95 4.50/5.0
Ninja Kitchen System 1200 1.47 1100Not Indicated1149.00 3.50/5.0
Montel Williams LWHME HealthMaster Elite BlenderAlmost 2.01200Not IndicatedMotor lifetime warranty but no local repair shop153.69 3.50/5.0
Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender, Chrome 0.67 500Not IndicatedAdd 5.91 for 2 year warranty57.07 4.0/5.0
Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet Blender and Food Processor, Chrome and Black 0.67 500Not Indicated386.95 3.0/5.0
Waring MBB518 Professional Quality Food & Beverage Blender, Stainless Steel 0.74 550Not Indicated599.95 3.50/5.0


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